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When computer & artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are applied to humans, there are sometimes unintended consequences.

The widespread use of AI today directly impacts all of us, but few understand how.

Fair Bytes is a global network advancing AI fairness & ethics education through byte-sized content, resources, and community, reaching 25,000+ individuals since its launch in 2020.

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Byte-Sized Content

Share short, understandable pieces explaining AI ethics concepts and research, from both technical and societal perspectives.

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Resources For All

Create, collect, and provide relevant resources including courses, workshops, curricula, and AI ethics resources for teachers. (Stay tuned for more)

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Build a lasting community network of diverse, inspired individuals interested in learning about and discussing AI ethics.

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Best K-12 Resources to Teach AI Ethics

Curricula, projects, and even fiction books to empower students to learn about AI ethics

How Biased is GPT-3?

Despite its impressive performance, the world’s newest language model reflects societal biases in gender, race, & religion

The Future of Commercial Deep Learning

How do we balance its benefits and integrity going forward?

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